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Tate Reeves allows Miss. Power to put a lien on your property!


The Kemper Lignite Power project blew up during the first of June this year when a private individual named Tom Blanton won his law suit filed with the Mississippi Supreme court over Miss. Power's then 18% rate increase. The Court ruled that the rate increase was illegal and ordered Miss Power to immediately refund $276 million dollars to the customers after they had suffered an 18% rate increase and the increase was on schedule to go above 40%. This would have had a devastating effect on the economy in Mississippi.

One of the most important things to understand is:

There is no benefit in the Kemper Lignite Project for the citizens of Mississippi!

The only ones to benefit from this Project are Haley Barbour, Tate Reeves and other crooked politicians in the State government. Is Bribed too strong a word for this? If a politician does what Barbour wants that politician will have plenty of money for his re-election campaign. While that may be legal, it is bribery in my book and should be illegal. No one cares if the citizens of Mississippi are hurt in the process, because the politicians are lining their pockets and with Haley Barbour's money. These crooks are sure to be re-elected so they can continue to line their pockets with money stolen from the some of the poorest people in the country.


Haley Barbour is the major lobbyist for Miss Power. He has reportedly been paid over $3 million to represent them with the Mississippi law makers. The full story on this:

Barbour controls huge amount of money through various Political Action Committees (PACs) and the Congressmen and Senators, both State and Federal march to the beat of his drum.

In 2008 the MS Legislature sneaked a bill through the Legislature SB 2793 also known as the Baseload Act. This was to cover Miss Power's construction costs of the Lignite Coal power plant being built in Kemper county Mississippi. What this act did was to allow Miss Power to pass along its' construction costs in the form of rate increases to its' customers.

Just think about that. The ratepayers of Mississippi were to pay for the construction costs of the plant, whether or not it was ever built, whether or not it ever ran. One would think that the power company should construct the plant before they started billing the customers. But no, the MS Legislators, and the Mississippi Public Service Commission, allowed Miss Power to construct the power plant on the backs of some of the poorest people in the country. The rate payers would take the risk and Miss Power would reap the profits if there were any. This is like having someone else buy your lottery tickets.

The Mississippi Public Service Commission, instead of looking out for the best interests of the Mississippi residents, has become a financing source of last resort for flimflam utilities, raising money on the backs of Mississippi rate payers.

The Baseload Act was not enough. Miss. Power had exceed the limits on the costs of construction allowed by the Mississippi Public Service Commission of $2.8 billion, so they needed more. So they came up with another scheme to take more of your money. HB 1134 passed in 2013 allows liens to be attached to your private personal property to cover construction bonds issued by Miss. Power. I know that seems preposterous, but that is exactly the case if you are a customer of Miss. Power, directly or indirectly. (indirectly means that if your electric utility purchases power from Miss. Power)

If you read the bill casually, it is not clear that this is the case. The bill could have been written on one page, but that would have never passed through the Mississippi Legislature. The bill was written in the nebulous fashion in 22 pages of legalese on purpose. The purpose was to hide the intent of the legislation so as to make it easier to push it by the State Representatives and Senators who had to vote on the bill. That is exactly what happened. Tate Reeves pushed the bill through the legislature by misrepresenting what it was for and he insisted that everyone vote for it.

It is very important to note that the main selling point of this project is that the fact that all that lignite is just laying in the ground around the Kemper Plant. It would seem at first glance that to burn this dirty brown coal which is free would be a great idea. Wow, Free Energy.... Well not so fast. Let's look a bit deeper.

At first glance it would seem that wind energy is free, as is energy from the sun, but it is not. Wind energy is so expensive that without government subsidies, there would be no wind farms at all. Consider this:

No one knows more about getting energy out of the wind than the Dutch. The Dutch made a study of the costs of producing electricity with wind turbines. When the Dutch study was released, the Dutch were surprised. It was costing the Dutch nearly 40% more money to produce electricity with wind turbines than it was to produce electricity by burning natural gas purchased from Russia. In 2004 the Dutch decommissioned 90 wind turbines.

In Denmark too the bubble has burst over creating electric power from wind energy.

Despite their being cited as the shining example of what can be accomplished with wind power, the Danish government has cancelled plans for three offshore wind farms planned for 2008 and has scheduled the withdrawal of subsidies from existing sites.


Let us not forget T. Boone Pickens, when he started a huge investment in producing electricity by wind power. It ended in disaster with Pickens's famous comment: "I've lost my a-- in wind power". Wind energy is not free. Neither is burning lignite, even if you can just pick it up off the ground. Miss. Power has already spent $6.2 Billion on this "free" energy and the Mississippi rate payers are on the hook for it.

So where are we today? Miss Power, in spite of the ruling of the Mississippi Supreme Court, that their rate increases, to cover the cost of the Kemper Plant are illegal. Miss. Power should obey the law! They are not. Miss. Power is showing no signs of giving up on the idea passing the cost of the boondoggle, that is the Kemper Lignite plant, to the Mississippi Rate Payers. The Mississippi Public Service Commission authorized Miss Power to recover up to $2.8 Billion dollars by rate increases. (now ruled illegal by the Supreme Court and already more than 7 times* what the power plant should have cost in the first place) Miss Power has spent to date $6.2 Billion dollars on construction costs and has yet to light more than a candle. Miss Power has shown that it continues its efforts to con the Mississippi Legislature, Mississippi Public Service Commission and the Bryant administration to allow them to force the Mississippi tax payers, and rate payers to recover the costs of the Billions of dollars they have wasted on this Kemper Lignite project.

Folks, it is time to pull the switch on this boondoggle. This is an election year. It would be a good time to inform your representatives in the Mississippi Government of where you stand on this issue. If Miss Power wants to lose their a-- trying to burn lignite, that is their problem. The costs, however, should not be passed on to the Mississippi rate payer.

* The baseload (maximum sustained energy output) of the Kemper plant is projected to be 582 megawatts. Most plants of this generating capacity should cost around $700 million. For example there is a similar plant on the north side of Jackson originally built by Duke Energy for $500 million. This plant like the one planned at Kemper consists of two gas combustion turbines and one steam turbine. The Jackson plant, now called the Hinds Energy Facility is slightly smaller having a baseload of 502 megawatts.

Palazzo votes for John Boehner as Speaker PDF Print E-mail

The Hill -  Boehner narrowly reelected speaker of the house

Posted: The New York Times 01/07/15 01:27 PM ET

WASHINGTON — Representative John A. Boehner beat back an embarrassing challenge to his speakership from aggrieved conservatives on Tuesday as Republicans assumed control of both houses of Congress, pledging to restore function and civility to a body that has become a symbol of disorder for most Americans.

Two dozen Republicans voted against Mr. Boehner, and one withheld his support, clouding what should have been a day of euphoria for the party after its definitive midterm election victory. It was the largest number of votes against a speaker from members of his or her own party in at least two decades.

But the defections on the right, which were double what the speaker withstood when he was elected two years ago, illustrated the serious challenges Republicans confront now that they own the political liability that comes with being the majority on Capitol Hill at a time when disgruntled voters are poised to turn against the party in power.

Why We Need to Fire Palazzo PDF Print E-mail

A message from Ron Vincent:

The situation that we have in south Mississippi is typical of what we are facing across the country. For more than twenty years we had a congressional representative that represented the party and not the people. With Steven Palazzo the situation has gotten worse and not better.

  • Steven voted for the continuing resolutions to maintain spending levels. He voted twice to raise the debt ceiling.
  • He voted for the Defense Authorization act. He voted to extend the Patriot Act. He voted for the ‘Super Committee’.  He did this in the face of wide spread opposition from his constituents.
  • In spite of promising  not to do it, he voted for the budget knowing that it would fund Planned Parenthood. The people in south Mississippi are strongly opposed to Federal funding for abortion.
  • He ran on a platform to “Fire Nancy Pelosi”, but votes more like Nancy Pelosi than a conservative congressman. (Now we need to Fire Steven Palazzo!)
  • On many issues even Bennie Thompson has a better voting record than Steven Palazzo. The people of Mississippi deserve better.

Further, Palazzo had been an embarrassment to Mississippi due to the mistakes and missteps he has made since taking office.

  • He continues to have problems with turnover of his staffers.
  • The weekend of the Navy - Southern Miss football game, his staffers rented an apartment in Maryland, in his name. The resulting wild melee required the intervention of the police. The place was so badly trashed that the security deposit was forfeited.
  • He continues to have ethics problems with ownership of his CPA Firm. He abused his congressional staff, using them for babysitting and other personal jobs; another ethics violation. All of this received wide spread coverage in the news media, both in Washington D.C. and in Mississippi.

It is exactly this kind of politics and legislative malfeasance that have bought our country to the verge of collapse. This has to be stopped and reversed! This cannot continue. Even the people in congress admit that this is not sustainable, but they continue the policies that have caused the problems oblivious to the hardship and suffering they are causing. This is precisely what happens when we let the Republican Party choose our elected representatives. If you put clowns in charge, you should not be surprised when a circus breaks out.


We have a chance to strike a blow against the liberal/progressive cancer that has been eating away at our Republic since Woodrow Wilson.  We can do this by electing real Christian conservatives like me to go to congress and add our voice to those like Michelle Bachmann, Jason Chaffetz, Allen West, Paul Ryan and a precious few others who are trying to hold back the on rushing tide of socialism and irresponsible spending, that is destroying our great Nation.

Please help me any way you can.

Thanks for your attention. I hope you all have a happy and prosperous 2015 and may God continue to bless our great Nation.

Ron Vincent


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